Welcome to the HopeHealth uniform website. Please select your department from the list below to order according to your departments uniform requirements.

If you wanted to order something not on this page:
1. Visit AlexandersUniforms.com
2. Choose ANY Uniforms in the proper dress-code colors and add them to your cart
(Scrub Bottoms must be teal, slate or white.
Tops must be white, teal or slate and all have the embroidered logo.)
3. Email a screen shot or a list of the items you have picked to: wmagnette@alexandersuniforms.com
In the subject line please write- HopeHealth- First & Last Name. Please include your phone number and payment method.

You have the option to deliver your purchases to HopeHealth; Items chosen to be delivered may take 2-3 weeks for delivery

Note: Payroll deduction is unavailable for your payment option. If it is chosen, your order will be delayed.

For a limited time only your 2021 Stipend will be allowed on the website from July 16th - Sept 30th. Please fill out the stipend information carefully in HopeHealth billing section.

Please Contact our Warwick Store Location and Your Account Rep - Wendy with any questions or concerns. (401-654-6500)

A Message to The Staff

In an effort to continue to represent with great pride the HopeHealth brand and the unparalleled care we provide to our patients and their loved ones, we are introducing uniform and attire standards across the HopeHealth system. These new attire guidelines will make it easier for our customers, patients and their loved ones to recognize a HopeHealth team member. Consistency in our appearance can also bring our customers peace of mind about the quality care they will continue to receive. We hope you enjoy the many choices available to suit your style and comfort.