Providence Community Health Center

Providence Community Health Center
All items include discount prices. All tops/jackets include logo price.

Approved colors: Black, White, Teal, Steel, Purple

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Wendy Magnette 401-654-6500 ext 4 or

Koi Classics 137 Women's Katelyn Top w/ Logo
Healing Hands 2245 Women's Juliet Top Solid w/ Logo
Cherokee Workwear WW610 Women's Mock Wrap Top w/ Logo
Infinity by Cherokee 2624A Women's Round Neck Top w/ Logo
Grey's Anatomy Active 41423 Women's 4 Pocket Crossover V-Neck w/ Logo
Grey's Anatomy 4450 4 Pocket Round Neck Warm-Up w/ Logo
Port Authority L223 Ladies Microfleece Jacket w/ Logo
HeartSoul HS500 Women's In-Vested Love Vest w/ Logo
Koi Classics 701 Women's Lindsey Pant
Healing Hands 9133 Women's Tori Pant
Cherokee Workwear WW120 Women's Drawstring Pant
Cherokee Workwear WW110 Women's Pull-On Pant
Infinity by Cherokee 1123 Women's Low Rise Drawstring Pant
Grey's Anatomy Active 4276 4 Pocket Low Rise Wide Waist Pant
Koi Classics 654 Jason Top w/ Logo
Healing Hands 2350 Shawn Top w/ Logo
Infinity By Cherokee CK910A Men's V-Neck Top w/ Logo
Cherokee Workwear 4777 Unisex V-Neck Tunic w/ Logo
Skechers SK0112 Men's Structure V-Neck Top w/ Logo
Skechers SK0408 Men's Warm-Up Jacket w/ Logo
Port Authority F223 Men's Microfleece Jacket w/ Logo
Koi Classics 601 James Pant
Healing Hands 9171 Men's Noah Pant
Cherokee Certainty CK200 Men's Fly Front Pant
Cherokee Workwear 4100 Unisex Drawstring Cargo Pant
Skechers SK0215 Men's Structure Cargo Pant
Meta 1963 Mens 38" Labcoat w/ logo
Meta 739 Men's 30" iPad Pocket Consultation Labcoat w/ Logo
Meta 738 Ladies 28" iPad Pocket Consultation Coat w/ Logo
Meta 1964 Ladies 37" Labcoat w/ Logo